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May 17, 2007

BeYOND stupidity SONY, do LOOK = Come to your senses, allow Indian PS3 Owners access to Playstation Store +++, Link India PS site from global

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Hi Sony / Sony India if you are listening.

  1. At first you charge us a lot for your PS3 (among the highest rates in the world for PS3)[I mind(50-50), luckily I got it when coming from US],
  2. next you give us a very small set of Games for PS3 [I mind it very much, its bad],
  3. On top you don’t allow us access to Playstation Store[I mind it very very much, its daytime robbery],


Please look BeYOND your foolish/senseless/stupid attitude and logic and correct these mistakes. Atleast if you can’t fix <1>(cost of PS3) above, then atleast because Indians are paying you a lot more compared to many other regions atleast fix <2> (game library) and <3> (PSN store++) above.

Similarly in future once Playstation HOME debuts don’t repeat the same mistakes. Let Indians participate in it from Day one.

Also I am also a Sony PSP owner in India and even Sonys’ own stores don’t have good library of games for it also.

Last but not the least why DON’T we have a link to India PS3/PS2/PSP site from playstion.com / asia.playstation.com.

Come on wake up and be a good CE company and be good to your customers.

Note: I am a really frustrated Sony Customer in India with a Sony Camera, PSP, PS3. So when it came the time to buy a HDTV for my PS3 I went with Samsung. Hint Hint …..

Note: Only reason I went with PS3 instead of XBox360 inspite of all your stupidities was your support for Linux and Cell, but that doesn’t mean you can take me for a_ride/granted for ever.
Note: I am posting it in some not directly related categories also, so that hopefully I get the message across to Sony. Sorry for that.


March 11, 2007

Finally Got my PS3, runs in india and runs linux but no mp2 and no timed poweroff. Also allow Indians to register on PSN

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As I had thought sometime back i.e I might buy a PS3 when it comes out in India for both its gaming features as well as its Media center kind of capabilities (especially for my family, i.e easy to use) and more importantly for me its Computing capabilities.

Lucky me that I had to go to US for a short trip last month and in the process while coming back picked up a PS3 premium edition from atlanta (Just for Sony to know, I found 3 to 4 PS3s’ available at EBgames shop with the shop guy telling that its been there for some time and it is not moving, so can I look at getting around $3K or so wasn’t it what sony us president had told he would give people who find PS3 in stock for a long time). Thus I am saved from having to pay additional premium in India when it releases (when ever it is, no info from Sony about it still, this is bad) and also even thou sony doesn’t mention it IT DOES HAVE A UNIVERSAL POWER SUPPLY (ATLEAST the JAN2007 model which I brought), I took a chance (calculated) and it did run without requiring any stepdown transformers.

I will be able to experiment with its PSP interfacing capabilities, rather once I find time to upgrade my PSP to 3.x firmware obviously the non native way (i.e not direct upgrade because I love homebrew).

I tried installing Linux (the YDL version) and it does work. I have a problem with the mouse (rather a ps2 mouse through a USB to PS2 converter device) which I have to fix later. Otherwise it does run fine. Sometime later I would rather come out with a fully ramdisk (initrd) based small linux distro for it with some key utilities which I use. With it using kboot as its otheros bootloader, it shouldn’t be that difficult. Also as I already have native compiler of PowerPC running on PS3 I don’t have to mess with cross compilers also (not that I don’t like it or any such thing, just lazy these days).

If anyone is interested the kboot customisation for PS3 or rather the ps3 linux devkit full cd is available for kernel.org (as well from dl.qj.net, but qj.net had download issues, as it is not simple wget for qj.net links, and power was failing every time I was trying to download here, so making it hard for me to continue a partial download).

I tried Resistance and RR7, I liked both overall. However I did find that PS3 doesn’t support mp2 (not layer3 (i.e mp3) but layer2) decoding while a $50 (Rs2000) dvd player supports it. Also one more thing I wanted was a timed poweroff feature so that I could let it play some songs or so and after a given time it poweroff itself, I didn’t find this feature in PS3. It would be usefull if sony could add these features to PS3.

Also if sony could release direct dev tools for PS3 i.e not for Linux environment but for their native PS3 os, like MS then it would be even more fun. Either way I do appriciate Sony PS3 allowing linux to be installed i.e one of the reasons I bought PS3.

SONY ALSO Please do allow us indians to register on your playstation network with our indian address if you can. I legally brought a product from US on my own (also brought 2 game cds along with it, I think better than what most US and Japan customers have done on a average till now), but I will be using it in India, cann’t I register it with my Indian address (which you don’t allow for now in ur website).

November 29, 2006

Running Mupen64 in Fedora Core 6

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Being a emulation/simulation fan, I recently moved my interest from nes and snes(zsnes and snes9x) to n64 (nintendo 64). On searching the net I found that the only relatively active open source project currently for n64 emulation is mupen64 released sometime last year.

I downloaded the source and binary versions. Initially trying it on FC6, I found issues with both the mupen64 which I compiled and later also with the binary version directly downloaded. After some breaking the head and some trial and error, this is what I had to do to get Mupen64 running on FC6 using a ATI 3D acceleration driver (i.e the ATI’s drivers and not the one from Xorg). Also what I noticed is that the Mupen64 works BETTER | PROPERLY once I use the ATI s driver instead of the XOrg s driver.

  1. **Fixing the SELinux issue with plugin**
      chcon -t textrel_shlib_t /pathto/mupen64-0.5/plugins/*so
  2. **Fixing AIGLX and Composite issue with ATI driver(Cas I use ATI drivers)**
    Current ATI accelerator drivers don’t support AIGLX/Composite along with DRI. So One is
    required to disable AIGLX and Composite features in X Server, if one wants to get OpenGL
    acceleration in Mupen64 graphics plugins. This is _essential_ if one wants good speed
    during emulation.
    #** Put the following into your /etc/X11/xorg.conf **
    Section "ServerFlags"
    Option "AIGLX" "off"
    Section "DRI"
    Group 0
    Mode 0666
    Section "Extensions"
    Option "Composite" "off"
  3. ** Make Mupen64 use ATI (Your 3D H/W based) libGL instead of MesaGL s **
    The ati h/w based libGL doesn’t install into /usr/lib/, but rather installs into /usr/lib/ati-fglrx.
    This creates problem because the MesaGL’s libGL is under /usr/lib and by default any
    program will pick this up instead of your h/w accelerated libGL. I THINK FC6 (livna guys)
    should fix this at the package level. However On trying to fix it by forcing mupen64 to use
    the proper libGL using /etc/ld.so.conf.d/prgname logic, it failed. I didn’t try breaking my
    head as it was already 3 or 4 am in the morning and I still had games to try. So I worked
    around this by creating a symbollic link to hw based libGL in the mupen64 directory and
    using LD_LIBRARY_PATH to force the use of proper libGL as shown below.

    • cd /pathto/mupen64
    • ln -s /usr/lib/ati-fglrx/libGL.so.1.2 libGL.so.1
    • export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=.
    • ./mupen64 (NOTE: Now you should be happily running mupen64 in FC6 with acceleration)

If you have taken care of the 3 issues mentioned above, Now you should be able to happily enjoy running Mupen64 on FC6 with 3D acceleration for graphics. Enjoy.

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