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October 4, 2006

My bit old but true thoughts on WinVista – Nothing radical compared to other OSs around, just SP3plusplus stuff

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Sometime back in June2006, there was a blog post belonging to WinFS team trying to say that WinFS is not dead but just transformed into a better and richer form by moving many of its logic to SQLServer and some other support libraries. Again even thou WinFS would have used some form of database and intelligence above it to achieve what it aimed to achieve, Lack of that intelligence in Win Vista can no way be justified as good And many people did rigthly point it out to MS. I had posted my feedback to WinFS team then asking them not to abonden the concept of WinFS. Here it follows now:

Hi WinFS team,

I use and experiment on many OSs.Even thou I have been using Linux as my main OS for a long time; becuase of my interests I also have windows and do keep track of it. I have tried winVista, agreed it is fancy looking (but bit slow, but at same time its still beta, so hope speed increases by final release) but currently don’t see it adding much value than a better access check mechanism for operations and a updated Graphics driver model which I believe is more XP SP3 material rather than the radical change that WinFS would have been.

So hope you people keep WinFS going rather than abondening it.

Later I had one more post clarifying some thoughts above, it follows:
Just to clarify what I meant above when I told keep WinFS going. Agreed the possibilities around various applications of WinFS could be got by having a flexible attribute mechanism at the filesystem level and intelligent indexing and or storing of all datas (content data as well as all meta data).

At one level it requires the WinFS core services to be available at one end and at the other level significant effort requires to be put in the applications so that they are woven around this core. And the system wide effort is what can give the power of this to all.

So I hope microsoft moves towards this system wide coharence (implicitly or explicitly achived) in simplifying and powering up things for the end user, which most OS environments will move towards slowly.


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