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October 4, 2006

Binary blobs and linux or other Open source programs – greedy people – Bad Bad

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Some time back, Aug2006 to be precise, there was a blog in oreillynet.com about binary modules and Linux kernel. And many people inturn commenting about it. This was my thoughts around that then, which I had posted there. Now I am adding it here, so that my thoughts are consolidated here:

I find many people making the statement, that one uses the best thing for the job. Let me tell you that no one is telling that there aren’t good proprietrery software, if there is some proprietry software use it its your wish and right.

But then if you also agree that there is some good open source products that you use then it is there because it is open and it has allowed people to fix and enhance it to reach that level, which is possible because of its open source nature. If that open ness was not there, it wouldn’t have been possible to have all these great open source products. NOW if someone wants to be in this opensource market, then he should respect the wishes (i.e opensource licenses of these copyright owners) of these opensource developers as his work will not be of anyuse in this particular market (i.e that of the opensource products), which he wants to be in, if the underlying opensource product is not there in the first place.

Put differently as some great person had told centiuries ago humbly “I am a small person who appears like a gaint because I stand on the shoulders of many gaints”. If people who use the opensource market for their own profit realize this fundamental thing thats what would be great. And I would say if this statement of that great person is understood by everyone, then we wouldn’t have had to live in this purely money oriented world with all these patents (the way they are implemented in todays world, where almost anything is patentable irrespective of the lack of PATHBREAKing innovativeness in most of the ideas) and other stupidities.


Hello world!

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Am Hanish Menon C, from India. HanishKVC is my computing id. I started on the net around 1997, when I first got access to internet (thro the company I joined after studies) and setup my website hanishkvc.tripod.com.

I am a systems architect and an open source person. My current work (well past 6 years now) involves conceptulizing and designing new products and support systems which belong to the consumer and or digital media market. Also have worked on diverse computing domains as part of my work as well as open source activities.

Started on the blogging space late around beginning of 2006. It started as a blog addition to my website itself, only few entries till date that too only in the initial month or so. Now also decided to experiment with one of the community blog sites. And here I am.

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